Dental Cleaning and Prophylaxis

Dental Cleaning and Prophylaxis

Dental Cleaning is very important, even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, it is important that you have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Professional dental cleaning is a simple and painless common preventative measure and for most people and it’s recommended to be done twice a year in a dental clinic.

The dentist will examine your gum tissue and conduct a periodontal probing. He will measure the depth of your gum tissue with a periodontal probe.

Then he will use an ultrasonic scaler to remove the plaque and tartar both above and below the gum and much of the food and stains caused by smoking.

Finally, your teeth are polished with a low-speed rotary brush fitted with a soft rubber tip. Then a toothpaste-like gel is applied, and the tip spins around and polishes the teeth, making them smooth and shiny.

The benefits are:

  •  The aesthetic effect – in a short time your teeth will be whiter and cleaner. The airflow with bicarbonate particles helps to achieve this quickly.
  • Removing plaque and tartar helps reduce the risk of gum disease.
  • Minimize the chance for tooth loss – this will reduce the risk of damage to the teeth.
  • Maintain oral health and get a fresh breath.
  • Extend the life of your dental work.
  • Good for the heart – the bacteria in the mouth or an infection in the gum can spread to other parts of the body and interfere with organ function. In the case of the heart, it can lead to strokes, heart attacks, or even heart failure.

Why is needed

Even if you take good care of your teeth at home, there are many problems that you may not notice at an early stage. They may not cause pain, and may not show any visible signs.

A dental prophylaxis can help the dentist diagnose these problems at an early stage.

How often is needed

A cleaning done twice a year is enough, however, some people need to follow a different schedule.

If you have a high risk of dental disease, you probably will need more frequent visits.

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